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3rd generation Realtor serving SE VA with a BA in Christian Education from Wheaton College & an MA in Practical Theology from Regent University

Adam Garrett

Garrett Realty Partners
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Newport News, Virginia  23606

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I have been as high as the top 3% of buyers agents & the top 8% of agents overall in my primary service area for a year. I serve throughout 757 and most of 804. I value availability, a strong work ethic, and saving my clients as much time and money as possible, whether buying or selling. See that reflected in reviews below as well here: I use the wealth of knowledge at Garrett Realty Partners, including that of my father, who has had a higher sales volume than anyone in many Hampton Roads cities for around 3 decades at the time of this writing. My honesty is both the biggest reason why sellers that interview me decide not to list with me and one of the top reasons why people that decide to work with me love me. I compete against other Realtors who know that by inflating the value that they say a home is worth and by telling them that it doesn't need any work even if it does that they will be more likely to get the listing. If you see my reviews and online recommendations, you will find multiple reviewers talk about how much I value ethics, taking care of my clients' best interest, etc. I am an FAA-certified drone pilot which is helpful for buyers and sellers alike. I have the best Samsung phone available**, assisting virtual showings for buyers I represent and sellers I represent who have buyers come to the property unrepresented. I have access to REIN MLS, CBRAR MLS, CVR MLS, & Williamsburg MLS, giving buyers and sellers alike maximal coverage throughout a large area of SE VA. Maximal exposure gives sellers I represent more buyer coverage, with around 90% of buyers using buyer's agents, with agents often feeding buyers listing leads. More buyers & better exposure means statistically higher prices. For buyers I represent, my MLS coverage can mean the difference between finding out too late that a home was already under contract by the time it reached Zillow, and getting in and getting under contract yourself with me before it hits Zillow. I feel that an educated buyer or seller is going to make the best decision. In addition to in-person or virtual education that I can provide, I invite you to compare the informative nature of my website with websites from other individual agents, knowing as well that my website is just a part of the extensive information that I have available to share. In addition to the many publicly visible resources on my website, I have an ever-growing list of over 100 spreadsheets and documents I've authored & pulled other quotes from to cover numerous topics of interest for those interested in a real estate sale or purchase. To see even more of what I offer and more about me, click here. What I Offer to Buyers: Exploring an Area Online Free Credit Boost Many buyers are looking for down payment assistance and other resources to help them qualify & save. My list of programs to help you save is so comprehensive that I offer $1000 to anyone who can show me a more comprehensive list without copying mine. These programs include literally half off homes, no down payment loans up to $2,000,000, a program to buy where "credit score (is) not considered", $40,000 in down payment assistance, 0% interest loans, 38 year loans, and otherwise. When representing buyers, I've successfully helped buyers to purchase homes as much as $49k below list price. On the other extreme, I've helped buyers win in an 8 offer scenario on the same home without going too far above the next highest offer. In setting up a search for buyers, I help buyers eliminate a number of properties that they wouldn't consider by being more thorough in my search criteria than most agents. I have spent dozens of hours on search templates I've developed over time when most agents simply weren't willing to put in the time for it. After narrowing things done in a search, I equip buyers with a high volume of resources regarding the search itself, integrated into my signature field for searches, such as when to buy, search optimization, MLS search vs public websites, how to expedite the time from a property hitting the market to performing a showing, how I can help beyond the search, & more. Prior to ever finding a property to go see, buyer clients of mine have access to the most comprehensive offer questions template I'm aware of (I would be surprised if a more comprehensive & resource linked option was available in Hampton Roads) that I authored, helping them to learn about the offer form and even include some general preferences before even having a property in mind. I also provide buyers I work with a similarly very comprehensive checklist for comparing properties, that also is full of linked resources. My on property feedback is so good that when listing agents of properties I've shown buyers have at times received what I shared with buyers, that includes positives & negatives, they said things like: 1. That may be the absolute best feedback response I have ever received. Show our listings ANYTIME! Thank you! 2. I have to say that is one of the best review feedback ever in my real estate career. Thank you Adam. & more!