About Us

Christian Real Estate Agents        

We (my wife and I) decided to start CREA after we’d moved hundreds of miles across the state of California. Prior to moving, we’d asked a mortgage broker for a recommended real estate agent in the area to which we were moving; the recommended agent was an experienced agent but we just weren’t real comfortable working with her and were not really finding a suitable house either. In the meantime, just prior to driving into that town to which we had intended to move, we’d stopped at a realtor’s office in a nearby town (because it had a fish sign) and met a Christian agent there–the only person working that office that day because it was Memorial Day; she was a wonderful Christian lady through whom we wound up buying our house. When we asked her to be our buyer’s agent, she refused at first because of our initial contact with the other agent–an indication to us of her personal integrity. We persisted and her broker advised her that it would be acceptable to take us on as clients if she paid the other agent a referral fee–which she did. Anyway, the Christian lady agent and her husband turned out to be angels for us. They went far above and beyond the call of duty in helping us with repairs, recommending reliable contractors, etc. It was then that we realized how valuable a good real estate agent could be—and what an extra blessing when they were dedicated Christians. So we decided there must be other Christians moving across the country to unacquainted locations who would appreciate a website that would direct them to Christian real estate agents.

     The mission of Christian Real Estate Agents is to help you find an agent who will genuinely care about you and provide excellent service.

Don Krumm, CEO