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Buying or selling a home or other property is often the biggest financial transaction in the life of many individuals and mistakes in the process can cost tens of thousands of dollars. A good real estate agent can save you money, time, and sometimes serious regrets. They will negotiate the best buying/selling price for you, steer you to reputable contractors when the latter are needed, and avoid costly legal problems. Individuals experienced in real estate can buy and sell property without an agent and save some money, but individuals without experience in the field are best served by utilizing the services of a good real estate agent.The Christian Real Estate Agents website has been created to help you find a reputable agent.

Choose the location you are looking to buy or sell in through the search engine (city state, county state, or zip code) or the state navigation menu and then click on the result for contact information and more about the real estate agent in that location. We cannot guarantee the performance of any individual agent listed on this site and the decision whether or not to use any of them is up to you–but we strive to list only agents with high integrity who are committed to their clients’ best interests, and we welcome feedback on their performance which will enable us to retain only the best. If you are unable to find an agent in your desired city, contact one or more in the county or general area where you are looking and they most probably can refer you to a reputable agent in your specific location.

The mission of Christian Real Estate Agents is to help you find an agent who will genuinely care about you and provide excellent service.

Christian Real Estate Agents receives advertising fees from some of the listed agents.